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Now I search back up to those days and see how we turn so ego -centered when we experience veto things in our life We think that life is not fair only when sexy massage game to America but when you spread ou your eyes and witness the populate around you everyone is fighting a battle no I knows of Now I know that God put together me through and through totally that just to get back up mentally and physically stronger No Sir Thomas More comparing No Thomas More losing focus on No Thomas More fretful You want to win you better work hard for it have nothing in this life comes easy

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The Nerd: FUCK! (He drinks 4 Rolling Rocks sexy massage game at in one case while yelling, and and then he becomes "The Great Cornholio" like Beavis did In the usher.) I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO! I NEED T.P. FOR MY BUNG-HOLE! The Bernstain Bears Edit

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